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The smart app

10 years ago, when I started building web apps, you had to be an evangelist. You came up to people and said « We can build this app and it’s going to be a web app, which mean you won’t need to install and maintain software » and they said « Wow! » because it was really hard and costly to maintain software.

But then, 5 years ago, people became used to the idea of web apps and the pitch became « We can build a simplified web app for you, because web apps are complex and full of features you don’t need » and people said « Wow! » because it was really hard to use first-gen web apps which meant adoption was very slow.

Now, the next phase is coming up : the smart app.

When you go to people and tell them you can build an app for them, they assume it’s going to be a web app. And they want a simple app because who would want a complex app, right?

So when you say « I can build a simple web app for you », they say « Ok… what else? ».

We really are at a point where the convergence of an arsenal of web technologies (HTML5, Mobile, API, AJAX, etc.) and a high adoption rate of web apps will allow us to advance to this next phase.

Think about all the repetitive tasks you do. Or about all the stuff you need to remember. Or about the stuff you can’t do because you can’t have access to some data that exist somewhere else. Or about all the correlations you could discover with appropriate data analysis tools and all the predictions and operational changes you could make with the right information.

The smart app is more than just a web app. It’s more than just a simple app.

It’s an app whom you delegate some of your cognitive tasks to focus your attention on higher value tasks.

Smart apps have a lot of potential and benefits. And it’s coming soon to a screen near you!

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